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Liquor License Gazette
Always get a quotation from a Government Printing Works official before submitting a notice for placement in the Liquor License Gazette.

This is a special edition of the Government Gazette, which contains applications for liquor licenses only. It is published in addition to the weekly Government Gazette. Should there be parties wishing to oppose the granting of liquor licenses, it is much easier if such notices are contained in a single edition of the gazette only. Liquor License Gazettes are published as one of the following:
  • National Liquor License Gazette
  • Gauteng Liquor License Gazette eGazette Contact Centre
    (for all queries and quotations)
    Tel:+27 12 748 6200
  • Northern Cape Liquor License Gazette

Published Gazettes
Latest Liquor License Gazettes can be viewed here


These are the types of notices that appear in the Liquor License gazettes:


  • Gauteng Liquor Act (2/2003): Applications for liquor licenses in terms of section 24 eGazette Submissions
    (notice requests for all Gazettes)
  • Northern Cape Liquor Act, 2008: Notice Of Intention To Apply In Terms Of Section 20 Of The Act For A License
  • National: Liquor Act (27/1989): Notice of application for liquor licenses
  • National: Liquor Act (27/1989): Notice of application for the removal of licenses


Submission Timetable
​Government Gazette Type Publishing Frequency​ ​Publication Date Publication Date
​Gauteng Liquor License Gazette Monthly​ First Wednesday of the month​ Two weeks before publication​
​Northern Cape Liquor License Gazette ​Monthly ​First Friday of the month ​Two weeks before publication
​National Liquor License Gazette ​Monthly ​ First Friday of the month ​ Two weeks before publication
Mpumalanga Liquor License Gazette
2 * Per Month
Second & Fourth Friday
One Week Before