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​Notice Submission Forms

Government Printers has implemented Adobe forms for the submission of notices to be placed in the government gazette.

To use the forms:

Find and Select the required form to open it.

Save it to your personal computer

Complete the form and save it to a different file name

Send the completed form to GPW at 

Please ensure that your proof of payment or purchase order accompanies your form. Refer to the Customer Information Pack for more details.  




 Notice Submition

collapse Notice Type : Legal Notice ‎(48)
collapse Notice Sub Type : Legal Notice - Deceased Estates ‎(8)
Form J187 Sample.pdf
Form J187.pdf
Form J193 Sample.pdf
Form J193.pdf
Form J295 Sample.pdf
Form J295.pdf
Form J297 Sample.pdf
Form J297.pdf
collapse Notice Sub Type : Legal Notice - General ‎(16)
Business Notice Sample.pdf
Business Notice.pdf
Company Notice Sample.pdf
Company Notice.pdf
Court Order Sample.pdf
Court Order.pdf
Form J158 Sample.pdf
Form J158.pdf
General Legal Notice Sample.pdf
General Legal Notice.pdf
Liquidator Notice Sample.pdf
Liquidator Notice.pdf
Public Auction Sample.pdf
Public Auction.pdf
Sale in Execution Sample.pdf
Sale In Execution.pdf
collapse Notice Sub Type : Legal Notice - Insolvent Estate ‎(24)
Form J28 Sample.pdf
Form J28.pdf
Form J29 Sample.pdf
Form J29.pdf
Form J29-CC Sample.pdf
Form J29-CC.pdf
Insolvency Form 01 Sample.pdf
Insolvency Form 01.pdf
Insolvency Form 02 Sample.pdf
Insolvency Form 02.pdf
Insolvency Form 03 Sample.pdf
Insolvency Form 03.pdf
Insolvency Form 04 Sample.pdf
Insolvency Form 04.pdf
Insolvency Form 05 Sample.pdf
Insolvency Form 05.pdf
Insolvency Form 06 Sample.pdf
Insolvency Form 06.pdf
Insolvency Form 07 Sample.pdf
Insolvency Form 07.pdf
Insolvency Form 08 Sample.pdf
Insolvency Form 08.pdf
Insolvency Form 09 Sample.pdf
Insolvency Form 09.pdf
collapse Notice Type : Liquor License Notice ‎(14)
collapse Notice Sub Type : Liquor License ‎(14)
Gauteng Liquor Application - Form 02.pdf
Gauteng Liquor Application Sample.pdf
Mpumalanga Liquor Application - Form 02.pdf
Mpumalanga Liquor Application Sample.pdf
Mpumalanga Liquor Transfer - Form 10.pdf
Mpumalanga Liquor Transfer Sample.pdf
National Liquor Application - Form 02.pdf
National Liquor Application Sample.pdf
National Liquor Transfer - Form 13.pdf
National Liquor Transfer Sample.pdf
Northern Cape Liquor Application - Form 02.pdf
Northern Cape Liquor Application Sample.pdf
Northern Cape Liquor Transfer - Form 10.pdf
Northern Cape Liquor Transfer Sample.pdf
collapse Notice Type : National Gazette Notice ‎(2)
collapse Notice Sub Type : National Gazette ‎(2)
Form Z95.pdf
List of Fixed Tariff Rates and Conditions.pdf
collapse Notice Type : Provincial Gazette Notice ‎(1)
collapse Notice Sub Type : Provincial Gazette ‎(1)
Form Z95-Prov.pdf
collapse Notice Type : Tender Notice ‎(8)
collapse Notice Sub Type : Tender ‎(8)
Tender Form01 Sample.pdf
Tender Form01.pdf
Tender Form02 Sample.pdf
Tender Form02.pdf
Tender Form03 Sample.pdf
Tender Form03.pdf
Tender Form04 Sample.pdf
Tender Form04.pdf