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Please note that gazettes are also available as over-the-counter sales and copies of all gazettes are warehoused at the GPW's Publications Depot. Copies are also available at the GCIS Thusong Centres that have ICT connectivity. In addition, the GPW offers subscription services, and packages and distributes copies to subscribers.
This service is available to all three levels of government as well as the public

The GPW is the custodian of a host of government publications: tender bulletins, regulation gazettes, provincial gazettes (excluding the Free State and Western Cape), national gazettes and legal notices. Some are published weekly, other monthly. As publisher and editor of these official communication tools to the general public, the GPW is accountable for their content.

The Government Gazette business unit compiles, edits and typesets the publications before printing and disseminating them in hard copy and publishing them electronically – some weekly, others monthly. View latest gazettes.

Below please find a table listing all the different government gazettes, their frequency and deadlines for submitting notices. By clicking on each gazette you'll find:

  • A definition of each gazette and the type of notices it publishes;
  • The forms needed to submit a notice for publication;
  • How to submit a notice for publication; and
  • Cost and payment per notice.


Types of Gazettes
Government Gazettes

National Government publishes the Government Gazette as a tool to communicate messages of national importance to the general public. It contains information of a legal, administrative and general nature. Government Gazettes are published as one of the following:

  • National Gazette
  • Regulation Gazette - This gazette contains information that government wishes to communicate specifically pertaining to regulations only.
  • Extraordinary Gazette - As part of daily administration of the country, specific matters of urgent or emergency nature may arise, which must be communicated to the public.

    Due to urgency, such matters may not be suitable to stand over until a Friday and subsequently are published as Extraordinary Gazettes. These gazettes are thus supplementary editions of the Government Gazette and are published any day of the week as and when required.


Liquor Licenses

This is a special edition of the Government Gazette, which contains applications for liquor licences only. It is published in addition to the weekly Government Gazette. Should there be parties wishing to oppose the granting of liquor licences, it is much easier if such notices are contained in a single edition of the gazette only.


Legal Gazettes

Members of public must communicate specific actions to the general public, such as sales in execution, personal name changes and so on, to comply with various stipulations of law. The Legal Gazette contains information of this category.


Provincial Gazettes

The Provincial Gazette serves the same purpose as the Government Gazette, however, on the level of the provincial government. That is, it is as a tool to communicate messages of provincial importance to the general public and contains information of a legal, administrative and general nature.


Tender Bulletin

The Tender Bulletin is printed on behalf of the Department of Finance. It provides a summary of all procurement that national government wishes to do, which is of assistance to prospective vendors/ suppliers


Monthly Gazette Index

Since there are many gazette editions additional to the weekly gazette, the GPW compiles an index of all gazettes published during a month. This is a service to the public, to assist interested parties in keeping track of all editions.