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This service is available to all three levels of government as well as the public.
Gazette Services
The GPW is the custodian of a host of government publications: tender bulletins, regulation gazettes, provincial gazettes (excluding the Free State and Western Cape), national gazettes and legal notices. Some are published weekly, other monthly. As publisher and editor of these official communication tools to the general public, the GPW is accountable for their content.

The Government Gazette business unit compiles, edits and typesets the publications before printing and disseminating them in hard copy and publishing them electronically – some weekly, others monthly. View latest gazettes.

Submitting notices for publication
The GPW has an office where legal notices can be submitted for publication. Once received, the notices are published in accordance with the customer requirements.
To submit an advertisement please click the relevent gazette type below to access contact details:
Once GPW has sent you the form, complete the form and send it along with proof of payment to GPW by Email or Fax. Email and Fax details are available on each Gazette type page, as per above.