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Publications Services
Publications and hard copy items such as maps, aviation logbooks, SADC road traffic signs manuals, motor vehicle forms patent journals and terminology dictionaries, as well as self-help books created to assist with the social and economic growth of all South Africans, fall under the Publications business unit.
The business unit prints, distributes and acts as a vendor. Products are available to both government departments and the public. Download the full list of products available for purchase.
In addition, the business unit also offers the following services:
  • Copyright administration on government documents.
  • ISBN, RP and PR numbers allocation on government documents.
  • Photocopying.
  • Lamination/ encapsulation.
  • Subscription to government documents.

As part of its mandate the GPW has to support the dissemination of government information.  This is achieved through the distribution of Government Gazettes, which include public notices, legal notices and Acts. Consequently, Publications has been established as a  self-sustaining business unit within the GPW.