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Document security features generally function on three levels:
  • First level security consists of elements such as watermarks and tactile features, which can be readily verified with the naked eye under natural light.
  • Second level features are made up of hidden elements such as invisible ink and micro-printed text, which can be verified only with the use of elementary tools.
  • The most intricate, however, is the third level of security, which comprises covert elements, such as infrared detectable inks, that can be verified only with the use of sophisticated laboratory equipment.


The knowledge and capacity of the GPW to produce documents containing all three levels of security, place it among the most modern printing facilities in the country and in line with international best practice standards. 


The GPW has made a significant investment in its Security Printing business unit’s new facility, which resembles a laboratory more than the traditional printing factory.  
It is located within a highly secured environment, ensuring that the internal security measures are also supported and safeguarded by external security factors. 
The modern facility prides itself on its new multi-unit web press and sheet-fed press, both with the capacity to produce advanced feature rainbow printing technology and enabling the use of various high security inks in order to protect documents against forgery.
GPW offers, amongst others,  the following Specialized Services: