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​Secure Specialized Services


 Passport production
The GPW can manufacture blank ICAO compliant booklets in any configuration, including the incorporations of polycarbonate data-pages, for delivery to the customer.
It is also able to personalize passports with polycarbonate data-pages, in compliance to ICAO standards, using advanced laser-engraving technology.  


Card manufacturing
The GPW can develop card type documents (smart cards with integrated circuits as well as regular cards). This service includes the maintenance of internal computer servers to accept downloaded data from customers, which is used for card personalization by either D2T2 (full colour personalization) or laser engraving.



Document securitizing
The GPW has sophisticated laser technology to create high value security features in documents, including logos, images and numbering, as well as the necessary means to secure documents by application of holograms, kinegrams and other security foils.


The GPW has a modern rubberstamp plant to produce regular rubberstamps. It also uses laser technology to produce high security rubberstamps such as those used for border control (visa stamps).