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Annual Report

Annual Report 2016/2017


For our most recent annual report and financial statements, download the annual report, or contact us for a hard copy.
Ministers Report:
Preface by the Honourable Prof H Mkhize MP.
The ex-Minister of Home Affairs.
The Government Printing Works (GPW) has had a successful year in delivering on its mandate of printing security documents (such as passports and smart ID cards) and general printing services for the Department of Home Affairs and other government departments.
Chief Executive Officer's Report:
Ms N Moyo
The year 2016/17 has witnessed achievement of objectives as set out in the Government Printing Works
(GPW) Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan. This Annual Report outlines GPW’s performance in relation to
the 28 targets set for the 2016/17 financial year, spread across the various strategic priorities. A total of 22 of
the 28 set targets were achieved translating to 79% performance.