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 This service is available to all three levels of South African Government as well as the public
Always get a quotation from a Government Printing Works official before submitting a notice for placement in the Tender Bulletin Gazette.
Tender Bulletin submissions
Contact Details
Name: Istelle Pienaar
Phone: +27 12 748 6209
The Tender Bulletin is printed on behalf of the National Treasury. It provides a summary of all procurement that national government wishes to do, which is of assistance to prospective vendors/ suppliers:
 Bidders List
Shortlist for bidders can be viewed here.
Published Tender Bulletins
Latest Tender Bulletins can be viewed here.

Publication for Bidders

Publication for bidders can be viewed by clicking on the document number below:
GPW-BIDS withdrawn:
GPW-BIDS received:
GPW-BIDS approved:
GPW-BIDS for GPW-HQ 2016: Readmore
GPW-BIDS for the period 1 April 2015Readmore
Notices and Invitation to Tender

GPW Invitation to Tender 23 September 2021:

GPW Invitation to Tender 10 September 2021:

GPW Invitation to Tender 01 September 2021:

GPW Invitation to Tender 27 August  2021:

GPW Invitation to Tender 20 August  2021:
GPW Invitation to Tender 16 August  2021:
GPW Invitation to Tender 26 July 2021:
GPW Invitation to Tender 23 July 2021:

GPW Invitation to Tender 20 July 2021:
GPW Invitation to Tender 26 April 2021:

GPW Invitation to Tender 1 April 2021:
GPW Invitation to Tender 22 October 2020:
GPW Invitation to Tender 4 September 2020:
These are the types of notices that appear in the Tender Bulletin Gazette:
  • Tender Bulletin Notices


Submission Timetable

Gazette Name Publishing Frequency Publication Date Submission Deadline
Tender Bulletin Weekly Friday Friday 15h00 for next Friday